How RTT works

Did you know that our subconscious mind runs 95-99% of our thoughts?

By using RTT, you can tap into your subconscious and override your subconscious beliefs with new positive and powerful thoughts.

I will take you through an intensive and individually tailored guided hypnosis and regression, accessing your subconscious – where we are then able to explore the parts of your mind that are hiding the emotional and/or physical triggers to your issues.

During hypnosis, the thinking mind quietens down, helping us to find the hidden patterns and beliefs that your subconscious mind is holding on to. We can clear out the blockage, and upgrade your beliefs and language, embedding new positive core beliefs and habits, helping to create permanent change and thus leaving you to feel empowered and free.

With RTT you can break unwanted habits, achieve results in business, performing arts and sports. It can help you increase your focus and motivation, and improve your overall wellbeing.